A visit to Hernder Estate Wines

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I needed some cold pressed grapeseed oil, so off I went to Hernder Estate Wines.
Hernder is an interesting place – beautiful grounds on a massive 600+ acre estate. They sell all of their wine directly so you either purchase directly from them or enjoy their wines in a restaurant that buys from them.
They are known for their Cabernet Franc which they serve at the Pillar and Post and several other Niagara-on-the-Lake restaurants (and which, as it happens, was sold out when I was there). However their Riesling is also exceptional .
Although you do have to buy directly from them since the LCBO does not carry their wines, you will find it to be worth the drive, not only because the Niagara region makes for a lovely drive but also because you will pay substantially less for top quality wine. Their prices are very reasonable and I think they would be much higher if you had to buy their wine through the LCBO.
They also have some unusual wines that may surprise you – such as their rhubarb wine…..don’t let the name put you off, it’s like having a bite of rhubarb pie with every sip, slightly sweet and really delicious. They have a selection of very nice wine vinegars as well. I happily recommend a visit to this winery.
A really beautiful setting
Hernder Estate Wines - 25 August 2011 - NiagaraWatch.com 
Comfortable chairs in relaxing outdoor areas
Hernder Estate Wines - 25 August 2011 - NiagaraWatch.com 
Very nice facilities to have a wedding reception
Hernder Estate Wines - 25 August 2011 - NiagaraWatch.com
  Hernder Estate Wines - 25 August 2011 - NiagaraWatch.com


 The folks at Hernders treated us very nicely and I suspect that is the norm there. All in all, a place well worth the visit.
Hernder Estate Wines
1607 8th Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2R 6P7 

Tel 905-684-3300

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