When my husband and I moved to St. Catharines from Toronto we weren't sure what to expect. We had done our homework before deciding on Niagara. We made lists and considered everything from health care to transportation to weather. We came down several times and drove along the Niagara Parkway from Niagara-On-The-Lake, through Niagara Falls, all the way to the end at Lake Erie and Port Colborne. We spent time in St. Catharines and checked out day-to-day life. But nothing could have prepared us for what it's really like. We love it here and there are lots of reasons why but if I had to sum it up in one (ok three) things it would be ..... it's so beautiful, it's so convenient to everything and the people are community oriented, unpretentious and friendly.

The number of beautiful parks and trails within a 45 minute drive is incredible and living in a smaller city, where you can drive from one end of town to the other in 20 minutes, and park almost anywhere, makes life so much easier and less stressful. St. Catharines is just big enough and it's not a brand-new "bedroom community" for people who work in Toronto, it has it's own history and depth of culture..

I had lived in Toronto my entire adult life and Dan grew up in Montreal, lived the past 30 years in Toronto and had traveled and worked all over the world, so we were a little nervous about moving to a smaller city, to say the least. But it was the right choice for us and we want to share our experiences and encourage other people to come and live in Niagara, or at least visit.

I created Niagara Watch because let’s face it, I’m here, living day-to-day, driving around, finding out about all kinds of stuff anyway, from the best places to park in Niagara-On-The-Lake to the best places for brunch, so I might as well share it with the world and hopefully, you won’t have to waste time figuring it out yourself when you get here. I will give you a personal, honest, review from someone who actually lives here, and helpful tips and information, that you won't necessarily find on the main-stream tourist sites.

Niagara Watch is about all the reasons I love it here and why I think you should too. It’s a great place for a lot of reasons. Reasons I won’t bore you with now since you’ll be reading all about them on Niagara Watch – but believe me when I tell you that they are really good reasons.

This is where you come in. Since I can’t read your mind I’d like your suggestions and questions. What do you want to know about?

Want to know the best picnic spots? Ask me. How about where to rent a bike or scooter, the best museums, best places to see the blossoms, or best hotel to stay at in Niagara Falls? Ask me. How about where to swim or what to do with the kids on a rainy day? Just ask me. If I don’t already know, I’ll find out for you.

So let me know what matters to you and what you want to know about Niagara.

And that's for watching!