Parks and Trails in Niagara

Here is comprehensive list of parks in Niagara with links for more detailed information on individual parks.


Parks, Gardens and Conservation Areas

Bal Harbour Park
Beamer Memorial Conservation Area
Beamer Memorial Conservation Area Sunsets
Bogart – Malcolmson Park
Burgoyne Woods Park
Burgoyne Woods Park – Tobogganing
Butterfly Conservatory
Canal Valley – Merritt Trail
Centennial Gardens and Centennial Lilac Garden
Charles Daley Park
Charles Daley Park Sunsets
Cherie Road Park
Chippawa Creek Conservation Area
Comfort Maple
Coronation Park and Grimsby Lions Community Pool
E.C. Brown Conservation Area
Floral Clock
Floral Clock – Gardens
Floral Show House
Grimsby Park and Grimsby Beach
Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary
Harold S. Bradshaw Memorial Park
Heartland Forest Nature Experience
HH Knoll Lakeview Park
Jaycee Gardens Park
Jordan Harbour Conservation Area
Jordan Hollow Park
Lakeside Park
Lakewood Gardens
Lathrop Nature Preserve
Louth Conservation Area
Louth Conservation Area!
Malcolmson Eco-Park
Marlene Stewart Streit Park
Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Park
Montebello Park
Morgan’s Point Conservation Area
Morrison Park
Mountainview Conservation Area
Mud Lake Conservation Area
Municipal Beach
Municipal Beach (St. Catharines) Sunsets
Nelles Lake Park
Niagara Shores Park
Oakes Garden Theatre
Port Dalhousie Beach Sunsets
Port Davidson Conservation Area
Queen Victoria Park
Queen Victoria Park – Accessible
Queen’s Royal Park
Queenston Heights Park
Rockway Conservation Area
Rotary Park
Roy Terrace Garden
School of Horticulture and Botanical Gardens
Short Hills Provincal Park – Pawpaw
Short Hills Provincial Park
Short Hills Provincial Park – Roland Road Entrance
Short Hills Provincial Park – Wiley Road Entrance
St. Johns Conservation Area
Stevensville Conservation Area!
Victoria Terrace Park
Virgil Dams Conservation Area
Water Commision Park / Waterworks Reservoir
Willoughby Marsh Conservation Area
Woodend Conservation Area
Woolverton Conservation Area
Wright Brothers Park


 Waterfalls and Geology

DeCew Falls (Waterfalls)
DeCew Falls – Geology
Devil’s Punch Bowl
Dufferin Islands
Elm Street Naturalization Site
Faucet Falls
Fonthill Kame-Delta
Fonthill Sandhill Valley
Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site
Henley Island
Jordan Escarpment Valley/Twenty Valley
Louth Falls
Lower Balls Falls
Lower Beamer Falls
Martindale Marsh
Niagara Escarpment (Biosphere Reserve)
Niagara Glen Terraces
Paradise Grove and The Commons
Paradise Grove Oak Savannah Restoration
Port Dalhousie Pier
Rockway Falls
Smeaton’s Ravine
St. David’s Buried Gorge
Station Road Naturalization Site
Swayze Falls
The Marsh
Trails – Paradise Grove
Twelve Mile Creek Headwaters (Sulphur Spring Drive)
Twenty Valley
Upper Balls Falls
Upper Beamer Falls
Wainfleet Bog
Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area


Bicycle Routes & Tours

Campden Fly-by Bicycling Route
Cycling with kids
Easy Hilly Ride Bicycling Route
Easy Way Down and Up Bicycling Route
Greater Niagara Circle Route
Happy Rolph’s Route
Lock 3 to Old Port Dalhousie Eco-Tour
Lots of Short Hills Bicycling Route
Meandering Around Effingham Bicycling Route
Meandering Around Louth Bicycling Route
Meandering Around St. Johns Bicycling Route
Mountain Biking Twelve Mile Creek
Pelham Country and Towns Bicycling Route



Adam Dopko Access Trail
Beamer Falls Access Trail
Beamer’s Fall Side Trail
Beamsville Walkways
Bruce Trail
Burgoyne Woods Trail
Cataract Trail – Balls Falls Conservation Area
Cline Mountain Road Access Trail
DeCew Parkway
Forest Frolic Trail – Balls Falls Conservation Area
Forty Mile Creek Side Trail
Forty Mile Creek Trails
Friendship Trail
Green Ribbon Trail
Haulage Road Trail (NFLS)
Jordan Side Trail
Lake Ontario Shoreline Trail
Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail
Lookout Trail – Beamer Memorial Conservation Area
Louth Side Trail
Louth Side Trail
Merritt Island Trail
Merritt Trail And Merritt Trail Linkage
Millenium Trail
Niagara Glen Trails
Niagara River Recreation Trail (Niagara Parkway)
NS&T Port Weller Spur
Palaeozoic Path (Short Hills Provincial Park)
Participark Trail
Port Dalhousie Harbour Walkway
Port Dalhousie Harbourfront Walkway
Queenston Quarry Trail
Riverbank Trails
Rockway Conservation Area Informal Trails
Rockway Falls Side Trail
Shoreline Trail
Silurian Trail – Woodend Conservation Area
St. Catharines Hydro Corridors
Steve Bauer Trails
Stop 19 Trail
Terry Fox Fitness Trail
Trails – Long Beach Conservation Area
Twelve Trail
Twenty Valley Trail
Walker’s Creek Trail
Waterfront Trail Niagara on the Lake
Wetland Ridge Side Trail