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The whole house is 1,100 square feet in total, and while there are no plans to sell it right now, they expect that it would sell for about $165,000 on the market.

All three floor have sliding glass doors that basically make up the end wall (given that the containers are only 8-feet wide and 10-feet tall). The sliding doors open with a railing across, like a French balcony. This lets in lots of light and provides a beautiful view because the property is so high above the ravine and Twelve Mile Creek.


Back of the house

St. Catharines now has it’s first shipping container house. I wasn’t sure I’d be a fan but it’s really very nice. This one has been build on a sliver of land on Hillview Rd. North in the Western Hill area of St. Catharines, and the back of the property overlooks Twelve Mile Creek. I attended their open house in December.

The property is only 17-feet wide so it wasn’t suitable for much, however an 8-foot wide container just fit. So Mike Chaytor and his partner Brian Peters built a house out of containers that is three stories/containers high but only one container wide (8 feet). It’s actually build from five steel boxes, a 40-foot box on the ground floor, and two 20-foot boxes, connected end-to-end, for the second and third floors. 

The main floor has a foyer, a bathroom and a bedroom; second floor has a galley kitchen, dining area and balcony overlooking the front; and the third  floor has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room.

For the foundation they used 10 Krinner foundation screw piles that are embedded 10 feet into the ground. Screw piles are literally large screws embedded/screwed into the earth. There’s no basement or concrete foundation.

I spoke with Brian Peters of Aduvo about building a container home of my own, or possible using containers to build an addition to our existing home. He was very helpful. He explained that his company can sell the plain container or a finished container fitted with the kitchen and bathroom. There's lots of information on his website if your interested. The containers also make good temporary buildings and they can be stacked very well to provide apartment units. In fact Brian is in the process of designing and building a container apartment complex in St. Catharines near Queenston St. and Welland Canals parkway.

This is an example of a typical layout for most single container homes.