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Como Restaurant was a wonderful find that a friend told us about. Although it is located in Niagara Falls N.Y., it only takes us about 20-30 minutes to drive there from St. Catharines. That’s one of the great things about St. Catharines, it is so close to the U.S. border. We cross at the Whirlpool Bridge in Niagara Falls which is one of the reasons it is so easy for us to get to Comos. The Whirlpool bridge is reserved exclusively for people who have a Nexus Card – although there are several bridges crossings into the U.S. if you don”t have a Nexus Card. 
Como restaurant has an  old-school, southern Italian menu. The restaurant is charming, clean and maintains a regular clientele ranging from business owners and families, to visitors from Canada who have come for the day to shop. The waiters and waitresses are always professional and pleasant, and very often, the owner is there as well.
The food is consistently good (if not gourmet) and very reasonably priced. We love the place – it’s the only place we eat when we happen to go across the border for a day. Sometimes, on a nice day, we will go for a drive along River Road (which runs along the Niagara River on the U.S. side) up to Youngstown N.Y.  (there’s a map here), and even though there are several nice restaurants in Youngstown, we will often just head back to Como’s for lunch.
You really should check out their video – I simply can’t sum up Como’s as well as this video can!
Address: 2220 Pine Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14301, United States 
Phone:(716) 285-9341

Hours: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm

Web Site:



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